Writing Firefox Extensions

Lifehacker has a pretty good summary on how to write a Firefox extension. This is something I’ve wanted to explore since Firefox introduced SQLite in 2.0.

I’ve been rolling my own online bookmarking for a while. A while ago I started off with Furl.net and didn’t move to del.icio.us with all of the cool kids because Furl would save a snapshot of the link, which can be very helpful if something gets moved or goes down. I was intrigued with Clipmarks and the ability to save a section of the web page. But found it to be too heavy. See, I’m picky.

I’ve also been jealous of some of the extensions that have been introduced for these bookmarking platforms. I’ve come up with series of bookmarklets to achieve much (scoring, tagging, referring url) of what I’ve been missing. But, I’m not able to achieve more in-depth intraction. (I want to add all the url’s I visited to get to the link, save portions of the page, and save an image of the page)

Hopefully these links will help me build that extension I’ve always been dreaming about.

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